CTIP™ Carbon Filters

CTIP™ Carbon Filters Countertop Dispense Box, a convenient solution for your customers to experience the best flavor while reducing harmful substances. This countertop display box allows customers to choose the number of filters they need or become familiar with the product. Each CTIP™ filter is hygienically and individually packed, ensuring immediate usability. With 500 filters in the display box, it’s perfect for retail settings or dedicated smoking enthusiasts. Sold by the Display, with 8 Displays per case, this product is designed to meet your demand. Self-aware smokers seek a premium flavor experience while minimizing harmful substances. The patented CTIP™ cone-shaped carbon filter is the answer. Activated carbon in the filter effectively captures harmful substances, preventing them from reaching your mouth and lungs. Elevate your smoking journey with the CTIP™ Carbon Filters Countertop Dispense Box. Choose quality, flavor, and health by providing these fantastic filters to your customers. Upgrade your smoking experience today with this essential accessory. These filters are ideal for hand-rolled smokes, securely staying in place due to their unique shape. The CTIP™ Carbon Filters offer a range of advantages, including: Efficiently filters tar and harmful substances Enhances the flavor, allowing active substances to come through Delivers a smoother and less sharp flavor Improves airflow for a better overall smoking experience.


Jack-Pod 100pc Box Countertop POP Display, the perfect solution for convenient loading and reloading of your smokable herbs with The Weezy. These innovative pods are designed for simplicity and ease, providing a hassle-free experience for herb enthusiasts. Prefill the Jack-Pods with your favorite herbs, and you’re all set for a seamless on-the-go smoking session with The Weezy. The clip-on lids ensure your herbs remain securely stored, and the disposable design adds to the convenience. This Countertop POP Display Box contains 20 Boxes, each holding 100 Jack-Pods, making it ideal for retailers or devoted smokers. Sold by the Display, with 5 Displays per case, this product ensures an ample supply to cater to your needs.

Coolbox® King Size Cones Filling Machine

Coolbox® King Size Cones Filling Machine, a revolutionary mass-cone filling solution designed to fill up to 120 pre-rolled cones in under 20 minutes, without any mess or waste. The Cones® Coolbox® 120 stands out as a unique and efficient way to effortlessly fill your pre-rolled cones. With a simple lift and turn of the main component, you can easily stuff each hole with a cone and fill it with your favorite herbs or tobacco. Experience a hassle-free process that saves you time and ensures a perfect fill every time. Ideal for dispensaries or individuals seeking cost-effective options, the Coolbox 120 empowers you to roll your own smokes, saving you money in the process. It accommodates all standard pre-rolled cones of King Size (109mm), providing a versatile solution for your smoking needs. Whether for personal or business use, the Coolbox® King Size Cones Filling Machine guarantees convenience, efficiency, and consistency. Say goodbye to the tedious and messy task of filling cones manually and embrace this state-of-the-art solution to elevate your smoking experience.